TA aluminum crucible/Solid/ thermal analysis crucible/sample dish/aluminum crucible/Q20/Q200/Q2000/Q25/Q250/Q2500

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TA aluminum crucible/Solid/ thermal analysis crucible/sample dish/aluminum crucible/Q20/Q200/Q2000/Q25/Q250/Q2500

Product Description:
TA T-zroe/TA Q20/200/2000//TA Q25/250/2500 solid aluminum crucible (origin: China) ,Material: 99.99%Al ,Used temperature range: -150 ~ 650℃,(Price:55USD/set,Packing:1set/100pcs,Aluminum crucible include cover),Size:D5.4*H2.6mm.
Thermal analysis sample tray / crucible trial temperature profile:
In order to ensure the high efficiency of heat exchange between the sample and the sensor, please use high-quality, suitable temperature range of the sample disc / crucible experiment, so as to achieve the best effect.
1 stainless steel plate / applicable temperature range at room temperature to 350 DEG C for crucible
2 samples of aluminum plate / crucible suitable temperature range at room temperature to 600 DEG C
3 copper sample tray / crucible applicable temperature range from room temperature to 1200 degrees C
4 platinum sample tray / crucible suitable temperature range from room temperature to 1500 degrees C
5 samples of alumina plate / crucible can be used up to 1800 degrees Celsius
Aluminum crucible, copper crucible, platinum crucible:
1 aluminum sample tray and sample cover: suitable for non volatile solid samples, such as polymer and drug, usually used for polymer, thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer melting, crystallization and glass transition research; sample dish bayonet, but did not seal.
2 in order to avoid the sample plate / crucible and sample reaction can be used as sample plate / inert crucible, Rh alloy sample plate / crucible.
3 copper or rhodium / crucible can play a sample plate catalyst effect, also used for the analysis of most materials TGA.
The scope of application of 4 high quality sample plate / crucible can help expand the DSC sample, the use of large volumes of disk / crucible into more samples can be used for the determination of thermal effect of weak, want to get better resolution can use light, good thermal conductivity of the sample plate / crucible.
Alumina crucible introduction:
Alumina crucible made of high purity aluminum oxide powder as raw material, combined with modern advanced sintering process, alumina zirconia ceramic crucible specializing in the production of small thermal analysis, to ensure that the product has the following four characteristics in use, good to meet the needs of all types of thermal analysis experiment.
1 high thermal conductivity: the heat transfer between the sample and crucible is fast, to ensure that there is a very small temperature difference between the two, uniform temperature distribution.
2 structure stable performance: compact forming process, high temperature sintering high purity powder with precision control, micro crystal homogeneous phase structure, to ensure that in the process of using a peak, and analysis of samples less prone to physical, chemical reaction.
3 ultra high temperature stability using a wide range of temperature, the maximum operating temperature can reach 1800 degrees.
4 high reuse rate: washing or hydrochloric acid washing of 10%, drying, can be repeatedly used, does not affect the experimental results.
  • Art.No. Model Category Size  Φmm unit 100PC/set
    JYL0010 American TA Q20 Aluminum Φ5.4*2.6mm set
    JYL0011 Aluminum Φ5.4*2mm set
    JYL0012 American TA Q10 Aluminum Φ6.65*1.7mm set
    JYL0013 Aluminum Φ6.8*2.7mm set
    JYL0020 Mettler of Switzerland Aluminum  pingdi  Φ6*1.7mm set
    JYL0021 Aluminum  dingwei Φ6*1.7mm set
    JYL0074 100ul Φ6*4mm set
    JYL0030 Birkin Elmer (PE) Aluminum Φ6.65*1.7mm set
    JYL0031 Aluminum Φ6.2*1.3mm set
    JYL0040 Germany Naichi Aluminum Φ8*2.1mm set
    JYL0041 Seiko Japan Aluminum Φ5.2*2.5mm set
    JYL0051 Aluminum Φ6.8*1.5mm set
    JYL0060 SHIMADZU Japan Aluminum Φ6*1.7mm set
    JYL0061 Aluminum Φ6*2.5mm set
    JYL0070 Other Aluminum Φ5*4mm set
    JYL0071 Aluminum Φ6.7*4mm set
    JYL0072 Saito Ram Aluminum Φ6.7*3mm set
    JYL0073 Stainless steel Stainless steel Φ7.4*2.4mm set
    Other specifications, drawings or sample custom processing, price and MOQ negotiable.
    Thermal analysis of alumina crucible
    Art.No. Model Category Size  Φmm unit 100PC/set
    JYY0080 American TA  Alumina Φ6.5*4mm set
    JYY0081 Mettler of Switzerland Alumina Φ6*4.5mm set
    JYY0082 SHIMADZU Japan Alumina Φ6*3mm set
    JYY0083 Birkin Elmer (PE) Alumina Φ5*4mm set
    JYY0084 Germany Naichi Alumina Φ6.7*4mm set
    JYY0085 Alumina Φ6.7*7.1mm set
    JYY0086 Alumina Φ8*16mm set
    JYY0087 Alumina Φ8*23mm set
    JYY0088 Seiko Japan Alumina Φ5*4mm set
    JYY0089 hanging basket American TA   Alumina H11.6 set
    JYY0090 hanging basket American TA  Alumina H16.6 set
    Other specifications, drawings or sample custom processing, price and MOQ negotiable.
Company description
Shanghai Jing Yi Chemical Materials Co Ltd is a thermal analysis instrument, thermal analysis materials and precision die manufacturing and R & D based professional manufacturer engaged in a professional, the company has introduced Taiwan ultra precision grinding machine, wire processing equipment, to ensure the high precision of the product quality. In addition, the company has a leading professional technology and core operating team in the precision abrasive machining industry, providing a strong backup protection for product development and production.
Our production of DSC differential scanning calorimetry, SDTA differential thermal analyzer, TGA thermogravimetric analyzer and other special thermal analyzer, aluminum, stainless steel and aluminum crucibles, and minimum wall thickness can reach 0.1 ~ 0.4mm; for the German Lindsays, American PE, American TA (former DuPont), tebau NETZSCH. Swiss company Mettler, France Setaram SETARAM, Japan SHIMADZU Shimadzu, Japan Rigaku, Seiko SII, Brook AXS, and provide to sample processing customized.

Classification : Laboratory Heating Equipments

Brand Name : TATETS

Model Number : JYL0010

size : 5.4*2.6mm

Nomber : JYL0010

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